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Background removal is one of the first things you learn when you start taking PhotoShop lessons. This is because it being very basic is used extensively in many areas of graphic design such as logos, websites and as clip art in presentations, social media posts, etc.

One of the most common tools used in PhotoShop CS6 to cut out image background is the Refine Edge Tool. Follow these simple steps to get your desired results:

Step 1. Open your image of choice with the object you wish to cut out in the PhotoShop program.

Step 2. Turn a new Layer by clicking on F7 or go to Windows Layers. (Usually you would find a Layers Panel in the bottom right corner of the Window). You would see a thumbnail of the image with the name Background. Right click on this Layer and select 'Layer from Background'; name this as Layer 1 (or anything descriptive).

Step 3. Now you need to select the right Selection Tool for your image. There are usually 3 types of Selection Tools available in PS-

1. Magic Wand Tool- It would make automatic selections based on the differences in colour between the foreground objet and background.

2. Lasso Tool- It is best for manually selecting certain parts of the image.

3. Quick Selection Tool- A semi automated version of the Magic Wand Tool; one has to specify areas of selection.

Step 4. For now select the Quick Selection Tool and start marking the areas you wish to select. Try to be as close to the object as possible. If you have made any mistake in your selection, simply click Alt key on Windows and the (+) would turn into (-). With this you can deselect the regions you don't want.

Step 5. Now using the Refine Edge Tool, make your selection look more natural. Go to Select Refine Edge menu. There are 3 options to refine edges, these are:

1. Edge Detection- Use 'Smart Radius' in the Refine Edge menu and increase/decrease the radius to get your desired natural selection.

2. Adjusting Edges- Adjust the Smoothness and contrast of the edge to get clearer selection.

3. Colour Decontamination- This will remove the background colour from the edges.

Step 6. Once done, Choose 'New Layer with Layer Mask' from the 'Output To:' drop down menu. This will remove the background of the image.

Now you can use this image for a variety of purposes including print media, web graphics, neck joint services for ecommerce stores etc.

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