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Once you book the venue for your wedding day, you also book the car, and all other things that are required to make your wedding a success. One important thing that also needs to be booked is the South Carolina wedding photographer. It is the duty of the photographer to capture the precious moments on the wedding day which you are going to cherish for the rest of your life. All through the wedding process, it is the photographer who remains to document the whole event. How to go about finding the right professional for your wedding day? No doubt about it, finding the right wedding photographer is quite a hard decision you could make, because unless you know about some professional with a track record of good photography, you do not know how the hired photographer would perform on the special day.

Price: Taking price as the determining factor may not be the wisest decision you could make when selecting a photographer. Price is a reflection of the quality of work done by the photographer in a general sense, and also how the photographer gives values to its work. But in a general sense, you get what you pay for the services. You certainly do not get everything by paying a paltry sum. Hence, with a payment of $250, you certainly do not think the professional would spend hours searching, sorting editing and doing retouches to your wedding images.

Have a budget and try not to overshoot it. You will get really good photographers whose charges are reasonable, but the photos they capture are really of high quality. Once you decide the right one, it would do well to put a contract together as early as possible. This is because if the wedding day falls in a period with many weddings, the photographer could be booked quickly and you may be left without a chance to sign a contract.

Do some research: To go about finding a photographer, ask your friends and family for their recommendations? People who find their wedding photos worth appreciating would love to talk about the photographer who had captured the images. You could also search the Internet and going through the websites of different photographers available in the many pages of search results. You could also check the names available with professional organizations like PPA or WPPI.

Make a list: Make a list of around 5 to 10 South Carolina wedding photographers whose work you have liked. Go to the website of each one and review their portfolio. The kind of photographs that you see in the portfolio of each photographer is the same type you could expect of your wedding photographs.

Check for availability: Once a list of photographers is finalized, call or send emails to the top 5 or so names. Find out if the photographer would be available on the day of your wedding, and find an estimate from them. Contacting each photographer would give you an insight into the personality of the photographer.

Ask for a consultation: Narrow down the list to 2-3 photographers. Now talk to the photographers either in person or on the phone to get an insight into the kind of personality of the photographer. Do you feel good taking to them? How easy are they to get along with? The photographer's role on the wedding day is big, and it is important that you are comfortable with the photographer. During conversation, you could ask the photographer the following questions:

  • What are included in your wedding photography package?
  • When the photos are expected to be received?
  • Can the photographer send a copy of your contract?
  • Is the photographer licensed?
  • Do they come with a second shooter?

Ensure that the photographer you hire turns up to shoot your wedding. Some photographers send their partner or hire another professional to capture the weddings.

Make your final decision: Once you have made contacts with the different photographers and had discussion with them, you will be in a better position to select your choice of South Carolina wedding photographer with all the information you are armed with. Remember, your money would come and go for many reasons, but your wedding day cannot be redone.

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