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Pictures keep the memories forever and nobody can resist the charm of a photo booth on their wedding day. This is not only a great way to capture the precious moments, but also fun, casual and spontaneous photographs!

Renting a photo booth is a fantastic way to provide some extra entertainment for the guests while capturing some exciting shots of the people who come to celebrate the special day.

Here are 5 tips by which you can include a photo booth to your big day:-

  1. Location- It is important to note that the photo booths should be located in the right place, preferably in a spot where all the guests can see it. There should be enough room for guests to click a picture, therefore, it should be incorporated into the reception venue, ideally where the entertainment is going to take place.
  2. Space- While planning to Rent A Photo Booth In San Jose for the wedding, make sure to choose the one that can accommodate more than a single person. This will make the wedding ceremony more interesting as everyone can get involved and click group pictures.
  3. Customize- The photo booth is the focal point of the wedding reception, so make sure it is customized to match the wedding theme or colour scheme. To make the photo booth even more fun and memorable, add a bunch of cool accessories and props to let the guests capture some crazy moments. There are various props which can be included, like moustaches, glasses, wigs, clown noses, play swords, butterfly wings, signs with funny sayings, and empty picture frames etc.
  4. Choose a photo booth with an attendant- Many photo booth rentals provide with a 'booth butler' or attendant that will make sure everything runs smoothly during the wedding function and will encourage the guests to take pictures in the photo booth. Although, it is easy to operate the booth, however, it is handy to have someone around in case anything goes wrong.
  5. Slideshow- Perks of having a photo booth at your wedding is to have all the pictures from the booth to appear on a TV or projector at the venue. This not only adds more fun to the function but also gives the guests something to watch and chat about throughout the day.

By incorporating the above tips, one can add more excitement to the big wedding day. Not only the guests but the bride and the groom will also enjoy taking fun pictures and create moments to cherish throughout the life.

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