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Asian Weddings

Asian weddings consist of several functions held on different days culminating with the reception or Walima. For all of the functions the bride is expected to look stunning in heavily embellished colourful outfits, extravagant jewellery, and beautiful flawless makeup. Thanks to the evolution of makeup by brands such as Mac, Bobby Brown, and Sleek to name a few, make up for Asian and dark skin tones has become big business. Most cosmetic companies have a range of foundations which have yellow or golden undertones suitable for all skin tones. This has meant that Asian brides no longer need to look like the corpse bride on their wedding day.

Photoshopped Pictures

As all eyes will be on the bride rather than the groom, asian girls will spend months planning their wedding looks for each function with the help of images on the Internet and asian bridal magazines. What many girls do not realise or take into account is that the images they want to copy have been photoshopped to the point where sometimes the models features are altered significantly to portray and idealistic and in many cases unachievable beauty. As a makeup artist I often get clients who show me pictures of models from magazines as examples of how they want to look on their wedding day. In most cases the image will be of a model with the eyes open, therefore giving me no clue about the makeup style for the eyes. Subconsciously the client wants to look like the model and is in love with how the model looks and not how the makeup looks. In most cases the model's features do not resemble the client's features at all i.e. eye shape, face shape, etc. In short although the natural beauty of any woman can be enhanced with makeup, there are still limitations no matter how talented the makeup artist may be or how good the makeup is.

The Natural Look and Bridal Trials

The recent obsession with contouring and highlighting has given new hope to those who do not wish to resort to such drastic action as cosmetic surgery. Asian bridal makeup because of its bolder and more colourful style as opposed to western bridal makeup can truly transform women from the girl next door to a supermodel. Nonetheless western makeup trends have slowly started to creep into the asian bridal makeup scene with more and more clients requesting a natural look for their wedding makeup. What most girls do not realise is that it takes just as much time, effort and products to achieve the 'natural look' as any other style of makeup, the only difference being that more neutral colours are used to achieve the final look. Many clients only realise what style of make up truly suits them after a trial with the makeup artist, as only then does it become apparent to them the difference in their features and skin tone to that of a model whose picture they may have admired for their wedding makeup look. It is not uncommon for clients to go from wanting a natural makeup look to a bold dramatic look or vice versa once they see the makeup on themselves.

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