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Custom framing is not required for every artwork. A simple kindergartner's painting looks just well on a refrigerator, stuck with a magnet. A snapshot taken with a simple point and shoot camera requires a replaceable and a functional frame. However, there are times when professional framers are required. Art which are priceless keepsakes, heirloom and is of great sentimental value should be framed carefully using a custom built frames. The time and money required to create a custom frame is quite substantial; hence the worth of the artwork that needs to be framed should be kept in mind while taking the decision to go for a simple frame or a custom made frame. Sometimes, opting for low cost frame can be a costly affair and your art might suffer over a long period of time.

Custom picture frame is of high quality that gives you the option to choose your material. Finish and quality that you get with custom frames are unbeatable. Generally following materials are required to create a custom frame:

Frame material: They can be wooden or metallic. The choice purely depends on the feel you want to attain for your artwork and cost you are willing to spend on the frame.

Mounting Board: This holds the picture against the mat. Normally cardboards are used as mounting board material, but mounting board with polystyrene core are generally good as they are acid free, have smooth surface , warps less and can be cut smoothly.

Matting: Mats can be made of cardboard or other materials and separates picture from direct contact with the glass by creating a small air space between photographs.

Glazing: Glazing is highly recommended if artwork is exposed to varied temperature and humidity changes.

How to get the most of the Framing money

It is important to evaluate your artwork and choose the best material, for a long lasting frame and artwork. Choose the best and experienced professional to frame your picture to avoid costly mistakes. The best style and professionally finished frame can only be provided by a professional.

Initially cost of custom-frame can sound quite overwhelming; however it is advisable to treat your artwork as an investment rather than an expense. A custom frame helps restore your artwork for life and increases the resale value of the artwork by restoring it over time. It is important to understand that Custom ones are best to preserve family heirloom and irreplaceable artwork. They have the flexibility to choose high quality material and this can help preserve the artwork for decades. Ultimately the frame you choose should be based on your budget, pictures value (monetarily and emotional both) with proper consideration being given to the place where you are going to hang it.

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