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From childhood, I was an extraordinary boy. I used to make painting of others just seeing him or her once. I do not know how I have this extra power. However, it is true that people were amazed about my creation. I still remember the days my neighbors came to me and asked to draw their portrait. I was too young then and I asked permission of my mother. My mother felt proud about her son's god gifted skill. However, she sometimes offended because of such incident that disturbed my education. So sometimes, she ruled me strictly. By her adore, love and rudeness I was growing.

My parents started taking extra care to increase my skill about drawing. I admitted to a drawing school at the age of three. However, my first teacher was in doubt about what she would learn me, as I knew much advanced art at that age. Therefore, other children could not compete with me. I felt problems in art school. My parents decided to hire an art tutor who would come to our house and teach me advanced painting. The journey was started in this way. Now I want to share a single incident of my life that brought immense happiness in my little heart. I was gifted by a baby doll, my little sister. I was only six years when her little fingers touched my cheeks first time. I cannot express the feeling of that unbounded happiness. She looked like a fairy, an angel. The days are spent finely with her. I was centralized with her. I observed her whole day, when she was sleeping and awaking.

One morning I decided to draw her portrait with me, the best ever memory of mine. My sister Rosy, playing with me – is the subject of my portrait. At the age of ten, I started making a beautiful canvas. It took almost 15 days completing the pictures. It has become my lifelong asset. I poured all my feelings and emotions in it. it would be one of my best creations and everyone have appreciated about its natural feel. Even the most important issue is I was certified for this portrait with a memento and certificate by district magistrate. After that, I have captured more valuable prize but no one can bring that much respect like that portrait.

Now I am 24 years old and my sister is 18 years. However, the picture has remained same. I have huge popularity as a France Fine Artist. After joining with the best online art gallery as a member, I am benefitted more, enhancing my career. My work has shown by huge visitors and I am able to sell my art works to the people of different religions or different countries. They do not worry about rate rather they much concentrate in getting quality picture. Portrait Painting in UK is the best domain, happy in providing not only outstanding art works of various artists, but also they encourage junior artists by valuable opinions of senior performers, coaching classes, and other advanced methods regarding painting. I am happy reaching to the top level of my career with them and hope you will be benefitted must by this article.

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